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Women's Boots Fashion Boots PU Fall Party & Evening Dress White 4in-4 3/4in White GNHe7 Women's Boots Fashion Boots PU Fall Party & Evening Dress White 4in-4 3/4in White GNHe7
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Drum Modules
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SuperWave Performer

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A powerful performance orientated virtual analogue synthesizer incorporating embedded FM synthesis.

If you're looking for great leads, pads, strings, basses, organs and pianos, whether for live performance work or sequencing ...look no further! The Performer features a sixteen step Sequencer, two Arpeggiators and Multi-Effects which include Chorus, Stereo-Delay, Reverb, Distortion and Parametric EQ.

Technical Specifications

14 Oscillators (2 banks x7)Embedded FM synthesis Waveforms: Sine, Saw, Ramp, Triangle, Pulse, White Noise, Pink Noise Controls: Waveform, Fine-Tune, Semi-Tune, Pulse Width, Phase Modulation, Phase Modulation Depth, Level, FM, Sync, On/Off

2 Resonant Filters: 12dB, 24dB, Moog Filter Types: Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass, Band Reject Controls: Filter Type, Cutoff Frequency, Resonance, Key Follow, Velocity Sensitivity, Lock

2 Amplifiers Controls: Level, Pan

4 Envelopes (Filter x2, Amp x2) with parameter locking facility Controls: Depth, Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release, Lock

2 LFO's with substantial routing options Waveforms: Sine, Saw, Ramp, Triangle, Pulse, White Noise, Pink Noise, Sample and Hold Beat Ratios: 36 Controls: Waveform, Destination, Mode, Rate, Beat, Fine, Depth, Smooth, Key On, Route, Invert 1, Invert 2, Sample and Hold, Attack, Decay

Modulation with substantial routing options Controls: Input, Destination, Depth

Arpeggiators 2 Classic Arpeggiators Modes: Up, Down, Up+Down, Down+Up, Up+Down:2, Down+Up:2 Range: 1-4 Octaves Beat Ratios: 18 Controls: Mode, Range, Beat, Hold, Gate

16 Step Sequencer Destinations: Filter1, Filter2, Pitch1, Pitch2, Gate1, Gate2 Tempo: 60-220 BPM Controls: Bypass, Run, Reset, Sync, Smooth, Filter, Pitch, Host Clock, Tempo, Gate, Step On/Off, Step Value

Effect Types: Chorus, Stereo-Delay, Reverb, Distortion, 5 band Parametric Equalizer Chorus Controls: On/Off, Delay, Mod Depth, Rate, Feedback, Level, Invert Stereo-Delay Controls: On/Off, Beat, Offset, Feedback, Level Reverb Controls: On/Off, Time, Width, Damp, Level Distortion Controls: Drive, Gain Parametric Equalizer Controls: On/Off, Low Cut, Low Slope, Low Gain, Mid Cut, Mid Bandwidth, Mid Gain, Mid-High Cut, Mid-High Bandwidth, Mid High Gain, High Cut, High Slope, High Gain, Lock Other Effect Controls: Placement, Direct Out Levels

Integrated Patch Browser for loading and saving of FXP and FXB files10 note polyphonic operationMain volume controlMono/Polyphonic controlPortamento controlMidi CC control with learn capability128 high quality presets

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You may have tried working with other therapists or psychologists, but the demands of life made it too difficult to fully commit. With my unique concierge therapy model , you’ll experience the next level of care on the Westside of Los Angeles by having a psychologist come to you. Traffic, limited time for appointments, and concerns about privacy are no longer barriers to getting the support you need.

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Emerging Adults

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Neurodiverse Individuals

Having Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, or a Specific Learning Disorder shouldn’t stop you from living a fulfilling life. Stop feeling lost and isolated! Let’s work together to build you a thriving life.

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Unhappy Professionals

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